A fitness instructor named Connor, suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder caused by a car incident he outlived. After months trying to control his emotions, his anxiety gets the better of him and he relives the traumatic events through nightmares and flashbacks causing him to experience feelings of isolation, irritability and guilt. In a conscious bid for improvement, Connor sets out to save himself by going into isolation.

About Ronnie Henry

A freelancer video producer and photographer who loves film and creating a good story at the same time. His main ambition is to become either a film writer/director/editor because all aspects of media are huge personal passions of him. This is why he has decided to combine his love for stories and the art medium of film in order to make his own amazing stories. 'Freedom' marks his directional debut. He also runs an in-house production company/service called Fusion Media House productions which specialises in graphics and media to help people express themselves in the means of video and photography.

Cast and Crew


Zimzon Lelo


Christos Liberos


Melanie Barcelo

Mysterious girl

Anusha Nava


Daniel John as our Camera Operator and Gus Grandfield as our Cinematographer both represent an in-house production. They are a fantastic team and have as an external team of freelancers to date.


A self funded, independent unsigned label, comprising of an ever-growing community of dedicated people who are revolved in and around music trying to reach out to many different cultures all over the world. Marcus Jarman member of this in-house production provided assistant to this project as our boom mic operator,sound editor and music producer.


Shamara Adams

Production Assistant

Chhaya Jain

Make up artist

Sarah De Freitas


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